Amir Alexander’s “Interdimensional Transit EP” takes me back

Amir Alexander "Interdimensional Transit EP"This record takes me back to being lost in the music, sweating and altogether losing my shit in the Packard Plant or any of the other Detroit warehouses I used to find myself in. Amir Alexander hits a definite nostalgic chord with the Interdimensional Transit EP on Machining Dreams, but it doesn’t sound dated, nor does it fit nicely into any one genre. Which, as I’ve eluded to before, I love.

The first track “White Rhino (Deep Down Beat Down)” keeps it simple with raw, jacking drums and oscillating synth sounds similar to those great Neil Landstrumm records on Scandinavia/Tresor from the early to mid 90’s. However, Alexander presents an updated take on that sound in structure and cleaner production. Next, things go a bit deeper with “Transcend” which features some really nice pads, arpeggiated synths and more raw, pumping 909 beats. On the flip things stay deep with the appropriately named “Deep Within.” This one is built around a really nice rolling portamento bassline and some choice synth melodies. Then last, but definitely not least, is “The Abyss” which is just fantastic. Its creative and powerful, combining pounding drums and some really gorgeous chord work to create a feel deserving of its title. If you dig the Lawrence stuff or the Kompakt sound this track may be right up your alley.

This is a record that walks the line gracefully between house and techno showing that music can have feeling and also drive a dancefloor. It is raw but polished and it is a great balance between old and new ideas. I’d love to hear more releases like this one getting some play these days.

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– Scotty Brandon

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