There’s not much sleazy about James Braun’s “Sleaze Sessions”

James Braun "Sleaze Sessions"When I first got this one, released on the Sleazetone label run by booty/grime/juke/party music DJ and Chicago local Chrissy Murderbot, I must admit I had certain expectations of what it would sound like. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised as Copenhagen’s James Braun delivers something much deeper and musical than the crazy, raunchy party music I expected.

The first track titled “OD” greats you with a really nice jazzy bass line buried beneath a steady thumping beat. Much more deep than sleazy, there are some really nice strings buried in the mix that work quite well with the percussive chord stabs. The next track “ID” walks the line between the techno and house sound. As with “OD”, it certainly has that pounding, almost jacking beat but the sounds and structures remain minimal keeping the overall tone deep rather than aggressive.

Flip the 12″ over and it gets even further from what is expected as we’re treated to a really nice jazzy, soulful romp in “ER”. Featuring a really nice piano melody that slowly warps its way around some overdriven congas and a reserved low thump of a kick, this one is a highlight. On the inside cut we get a remix of “ER” by Chicago’s Noise Floor Crew. In the remix they take the melody and congas and juice things up a bit adding some percussion elements, a bigger beat and editing the structure a bit.

A welcomed surprise, this one really gained my support with some inventive, spirited production featuring a strong tilt towards the sounds of jazz. Definitely one to not overlook!

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– Scotty Brandon

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