Yuri Shulgin – Flow 12″ – Ethereal Sound

Here is a release that easily stands out from the recent crush of deep house entries.  Closing out the EP is the title track, wherein the main mutating keyboard flourish dances with with a cut up hiphop vocal, and then gradually gives way to a low-end tweaked bass counterpoint, before returning to resume its wandering sketches.  Likewise, “What A Track” is a grower with a heavy melodic duet between a spacey arpeggio and a jamming vibraphone improvisation.  The long-side of the record is devoted to the sexiest joint of the three, with the sultry, free-flowing melody delivered by a madly meandering trumpet over a two-chord backing, the refrain supplied by the piano.

Each of the songs centers around a propulsive wandering melodic element; aptly named, the “Flow” takes center stage throughout this 12″, and while Yuri wears his jazz influences on his sleeve, each track is compellingly well-balanced, staying fresh and unpredictable without deviating far from the underlying groove.  While it will appeal to fans of Rick Wade‘s more reflective side, probably his closest points of comparison might be the work of Kez YM, Four Tet or Bonobo, all with their ability to blur not only genre lines, but also the lines of musical structure and organic versus synthetic instrumentation.

Yuri nails it on this, his debut release under the name; here’s hoping there are many more to come.

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