WAX – 20202 12″ – WAX

Opening with a thoroughly fragmented rhythm, Pinch’s rework falls close to the blueprint of Shed’s rugged techno breakbeat.  It’s a pummeling uptempo big-room approach with Shed’s piano stabs duelling a growling soundscape and kinetic breakbeat, a clear move away from Pinch’s lighter garage / dubstep “underwater dancehall” stylings on Tectonic.  On the B side, Elemental goes full cut-breakbeat sound, almost certainly a cut that will be in rotation for Martyn and the like.  The twist is that the last third of the B side cut takes a sharp turn into a shuffling revamp that even reminds me a bit of some adventurous moments on the Traum label.  This remix pack is a worthy addition to the WAX stamped-series catalog and is worth a listen for the dubstep / techno crossover DJs.

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