Actress – Rainy Dub 12″ – Honest Jon’s

Clocking in at around 120bpm on both sides, Actress may be using only the very most liberal definition of house music as a parameter on this two tracker.  The A-side, assumed as the title track, is devoid of any percussive elements.  Rainy Dub is populated exclusively by a squeaky midrange bassline that varies between a couple main themes and is slowly joined by a chattery chorus of twisting dub delays.  On the flip, Faceless is another subversive effort; while it’s clearly anchored by a rhythmic pulse for most of the track, the course of its darkly tuneful path is littered with playful frequency fidgets and constant variations.

In a perverse sense, this could be labelled essentialist bass music, since much of the time there’s little else in besides the bassline.  However, Actress continues to challenge, and to forge an unorthodox sound.

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