Chicago’s Mutant Beat Dance keeps it trippy in analogue on Rong Music

Chicago’s Melvin Oliphant (Traxx) and Beau Wanzer both share a love for dark analogue sounds and that’s just what you get on this two track EP on Rong Music. Harking back to an earlier sound of machine music, these stripped down, jacking, slightly gritty tracks are hypnotic and shifty. Like much of the best EBM, they would sound perfectly at home on the soundtrack to a killer 80’s Italian horror/suspense film.

In “AnotherWorld” you get a stripped down jacking drum and bass groove, with morphing synth designs over the top. In the beginning they are hypnotic and haunting, yet by the end there is some beauty and fulfillment to them. The track shows some really nice movement of programming as well as emotive feel.

On the flip in “NewNewsIsOldNews” the duo puts the body music in full overdrive with a dark arpeggiated square tooth synth line at the helm with rolling drum programming and more of those haunting vocal and synth sounds. As dark as this track gets it never goes too far and Oliphant and Wanzer reel it in quickly when necessary.

This is the kind of music that should get goth & industrial fans plus techno heads and acid house aficionados all moving. This is excellent, restrained dark analogue machine music here.

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