Ghostek – Leaving For The City Of Saints 12″ – Other Heights

A good friend turned me on to the Belgian under-the-radar Other Heights imprint, which has been curating some high quality for just over a year now.  Here they present newcomer and apparent Burial disciple Ghostek, who supplies one solo track and a remix, along with a pair of collaborative works with the very talented Roof Light under their joint Ghostlight moniker.  While there’s a clear line of influence from Burial and cohorts like Roof Light and Late, Ghostek original Cryon shows a shade of a heavy techno stumbling beat, and the TH remix’s more coherent, lyrical vocal delivery both set this offering apart.  But even with those differences in mind, those listeners too eagerly awaiting Hyperdub’s latest ration can take solace in this 12″s satisfying that craving in the meantime.

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