Vanguard Sound Vol 2 12″ – Plan B

Opening with what sounds suspiciously like a daring re-cut of Bob James’ Nautilus, G Marcell contributes one of the standout tracks so far for Plan B’s rugged and raw Vanguard Sound series. This, the second installment, again features Chicago’s own Hakim Murphy along with label regulars DJ Spider and Dakini 9.

G Marcell’s aforementioned Renegade Rampage is dirty house with a swaggering swing offset with the sliced piano stabs that will appeal well to fans of Ethereal Sound and Levon Vincent. The contributions from Dakini 9 and DJ Spider are on the more forboding side of four to the floor, with an ominous, claustrophobic atmosphere of swirling pads and delayed drum bits. DJ Spider’s is set apart by its loose drum programming, Dakini 9’s by it’s almost junglist-heavy sub-bass progression.  Closing out the prettily coloured EP package, Hakim Murphy’s cheeky Ctrl Alt Delete is a chaotic arrangement of machine whirs and computer bleeps.

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