Function – Ember 12″ – Sandwell District

David Sumner’s Function project, the moniker for almost all of his solo releases , is well established through over a dozen 12″s over the past two decades. Through his association with Sandwell District since the mid 2000s, he’s gone through a kind of renaissance; this 12″ is exemplary of the introspective thrust of his more recent work.

Spread across four tracks, the Ember 12″ starts with its most uptempo track, Decending, a spiraling deep techno saga that interweaves 16th note drive with a supine, melancholy atmosphere.  Picabia follows that with what could be a slower take on the material, this time with more resonant tones and interferences. On the B side, the title track is a beatless interlude of glowing pads and radio fragments, and the EP closes with a long, lulling melange that lands somewhere between ambient house and his minimalist techno. While all  four works seem like variations on a central sonic theme, they are compellingly realized and come off as the patient explorations of an seasoned artist.

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