Less & Phony Pinch – Send More Cats 12″ – Enliven

These are a pair of stream-of-consciousness tracks. So, starting with the first side… a pair of horn flourishes, some delay processing, looped briefly, four-on-the-floor kicks, a brief sung phrase in key with the rest, some live loose snare and hi-hat work, a tiny snippet of the horn again and a muted guitar string fading into and out of the background, a brief pause, pensive strings, beautiful female vocal singing something like “body soaking up the taste of the streets,” the drums roll back in with a heavier bassline, slightly questioning modulated bassline, energetic hats pop back up again, a couple syllables of the vocal crescendo in again before another brief break, “just a sound, no melody,” and the beat continues again, letting all the elements thus far wind over themselves into thicker and thicker layers before they finally wear themselves out.

Other side: a delicate house groove, flickering resonant treble bits squiggling overhead, a bouncier feel, oh – here come tropical vocal harmonies, some plucked guitar? ukelele? fades in and the kick disappears while all the melodies swell together, the kick and bass interplay come back in again but the live snare work gets a little more brave before everything drops again, there are swells of melody, drums return more insistently than before, heavily processed piano atmospherics, vocals play back and forth against the loose drums, all the lower register drops out for a radiant moment, more layers of processed piano, murmured vocals, vocals are peeling away over themselves like L’usine’s fragmented pop songs, fully fleshed-out drum parts return, bouncy rhythm, vocals fade away, drums start to lose steam again, vocal vowels pierce through again, vocal phrases now with just faint hints of the ground-up piano in the background, pulsing bass foreshadowing, undulating resonant treble gesticulations again, more layers of voice, cascading, some comprehensible words about longing, chords resolve, snare, hihat, clapping interplay, kick, hard closed hat all come back in, full groove returns for a brief epilogue before things wind down with high frequency doodles trailing off afterwards.

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