Hakim Murphy – Deconstruction CD – Machining Dreams

Prolific Chicago-based producer & multiple-label owner Hakim Murphy releases his latest full length on  his own Machining Dreams imprint. “There is just yourself, thoughts, and phrases” he blurrily imparts in the album’s opening monologue, before launching into his characteristically stark yet warm dry beat craft.

He has slowed things down for this collection, and tempo well-below 120 BPM emphasizes the space between the rhythms, and the variety of tones with which he fills those vacancies. As the first movement of the album progresses, the tracks move from beat-focused workouts with hesitant keyboard sprinkled in, towards the slow pulsating chords of “Awaken,” the harsh insistent consistency of “Underground,” and finally an almost entirely atmospheric foray with “Essence Synthesis.” After this inconspicuous evolution, he moves into a more developed, early Detroit sounds on “Sensory” and “Reborn.”

Finally, the eagerly awaited “Arise” features; easily a crowd favourite in his recent DJ sets it is anchored by a provocative narrations about the nature of  modern society. It’s a fitting and memorable centerpiece for the release, and benefits from the ominously crawling pace. Trailing that, only the brief and even slower “Societies” remains to close out the release.

This album shows a promising new direction and continued growth in Murphy’s production without straying too far from the raw, signature style that has established his repetoire thus far. And with DJ Spider appearing in the mastering credits, this could easily be a bit of foreshadowing of his projects to come.

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