Housefactors – Housefactors 12″ – Alleviated

Housefactors (aka Larry Heard, aka Mr Fingers, aka Fingers Inc) keeps it raw and uptempo on this full re-issue of his 1988 Blackmarket 12″. Originally titled “Play It Loud,” this EP has been repackaged with updated labeling but contains all of the original material from the seminal release.

In the intervening years, house music has undergone a variety of transformations, so that this rugged, acidy jack sound fits more alongside contemporary jacking techno, dutch sounds, and even echoes of the Rephlex and Mathematics releases it no doubt inspired. It is machine-made warehouse music with Larry Heard’s signature ear for melody weaving subtly through two of the three tracks. It’s a very relevant re-issue released on the creator’s own imprint.

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