Monolake – Ghosts 2xLP – Imbalance Computer Music

Robert Henke’s Monolake project continues to expand, develop, and explore the dark, clinically precise sounds and structures that he has been known for throughout his long career as musician. While he’s been highly regarded for his work outside of the realm of a studio artist, notably for his roles as an educator and his impressive installation projects, he’s clearly mastered his craft as a techno producer and is having a good time painting with the palette he’s established.

Texturally he stays well within the bounds of classic techno but there’s not a four-on-the-floor beat to be heard throughout. Rather, scattershot rhythms with echoes of breakbeat, industrial, dubstep, and even tribal references all play out in his immersive environmental soundscapes. This is a restless, hard-to-categorize collection perhaps aligned with similarly bold recent albums by Surgeon and Amon Tobin.

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