Legowelt – The Teac Life 4xLP – Legowelt

While admittedly a pricey collection, this is a real gem of a package. It was originally put out as a free / donation-based digital only album, but happily (perhaps due to strong listener response) Legowelt has self-released the beautiful, rough, personal recordings in vinyl package. Danny Wolfers describes the original project thusly:
“Ok people here it is the new Legowelt album which is free to download for u all / Its got a hella lot deep tape saturated forest-techno tracks on it and when I say Techno i dont mean that boooooooooooring / contemporary shit they call techno nowadays with overrated tallentless pretentious douchebag cunt DJs playing a few / halfassed dumb mongo beats and being all arty fartsy about it.”


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