Inner City reworks on Defected

So after some time we got to hear some new music from Inner City in 2011. This incarnation really reads more like a super group with Kevin Saunderson being joined by not just Paris Grey but also his daughter Ann, Kenny Larkin and Orlando Voorn. The track they made was hugely emotional, big room fare almost teetering on the edge of progressive (it was on Defected after all).

On this single we get two versions of the original. The first up is Carl Craig’s “C2 Edit” of the “Deep See Sound System Mix.” In it Carl extends out the track and morphs it into a more club friendly track than the original. However, its the flip that gets it going with Kenny Larkin’s “Tension Mix.” With this Kenny teases out the vocal, chopping and cutting it up into starts and stops of stuttering melody over the top of a droning tracky affair. Throw in some filtering all over and tons more editing to the vocal and you’ve got a winner here. This will be a very big cut in Detroit at this year at the festival, guaranteed.

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