Omar S delivers some new raw house on FXHE

So, yeah… Omar S just keeps punishing us with creative, raw house music. This time with help from a new friend Patrik Sjeren. This one kicks off with “Income Tax Refund Dance” a slightly bizarre sounding, yet playful tune that keeps you moving while expanding your mind. This is followed by the more groovy “The White Castle Song.” It makes you wonder if a bag of sliders is where the first bit of that Tax Return money went doesn’t it? On this one, basically a rhythm track built around a simple piano line, Omar plays the filters and drops in and out his skittering hi-hats to minimalistic delight.

The flip sees our introduction to Mr. Sjeren in a pounding, distorted drum machine stomper that oddly enough (but not that surprisingly) reminded me of some mid-to-late 90s techno like Thomas Krome’s old jam “Burning Chrome” or the old Detroit favorite off of “Moments” by Murat. However, this one takes a similar tone but twists it into a bit deeper affair. Its a big track for sure, but not too big to get some club play. In the final track, titled “3c 273″ we get Omar at his more emotive with an electro jam that’s deep and pretty yet raw at the same time.

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