Jason Grove – 313.4.EVER – Skylax Records

After reading bio material on this release, I think it may be complete bullshit. The story goes, Jason Grove is a reclusive Detroit producer from the late 80’s who worked with Jeff Mills and Anthony Srock on the Final Cut stuff. For those who don’t know Final Cut was a House Group turned Industrial band where Mills first got his start. Following Final Cut, Grove refused to release any of the house music he was making for years on analogue machines and solely gave it away on cassette tapes to friends and family. Then in L.A. french label Skylax wound up with a couple of these tapes and decided to put it out on vinyl only because Grove really doesn’t like computers.

My theory is…. Its Nicholas…. again. The sound is there and my guess is this is actually an all analogue project of his. I could be wrong but with only two other releases to his name (oddly enough on a label with three releases and the third being Nicholas under a pseudonym) Jason Grove seems a bit like a fictional character invented to catch the international market looking for anything with the words House and Detroit in the bio. I could be wrong and if you know or are Jason Grove, I’d love to hear from you. However, without a computer you will never read this, so oh well.

Anyway, the record is very, very, very good. So regardless of whether or not its a well thought out marketing scam, who cares. The music is some nice house music. However it sounds awfully well mastered and clean to be from 20 year old cassette tapes. Hmmmmmm…..

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