Lokua – Underly 12″ – CPKay

Chicago-based producer & prolific live PA artist Lokua helps launch the new (also local) CPKay imprint with his debut EP.

The 12″ is 3-part theme & variation on stonking, heavy, proper-techno sound. Very much in line with the recent works of Time To Express, Prologue and their ilk, this is a precisely produced salvo of dark, monochromatic nightclub techno. With years of work in manipulating sounds on the fly, Lokua’s beats here are constantly mutating throughout each of the three tracks.

Each cut does have its own distinct approach, though: Overly is the straight ahead version, with brief but sonically oversized distorted crescendos and a driving midrange. Underly 1 is the low-end heavy, more subliminal version. Underly 2 is the requisite breakbeat version, like a cross between Traversable Wormhole and Byetone. Potent stuff.

Listen at GramaphoneRecords.com

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