Ike Release launches his Episodes imprint.

For his new vinyl only label Episodes, Ike Release has put together a solid EP of gritty, machine driven house. From the square bass wanderings of “Subsequent” to the driving groove and chorded melody of “Puntigam” he is showcasing a sound more derivative of his home town than some of his previous garage/bass work for Infrasonics.

On the flip another local favorite, Hakim Murphy, reworks the lead track into a circling, drum machine workout that ups the sonic intensity. Full of low rumbles and a deeper darker bassline Murphy’s programming work really shines here. The last track, Release’s “Wetworks”, definitely has more of that Panorama Bar feel to it with it’s delayed snare lines and dark reverb soaked synths that morph into a metallic melody at intervals throughout the track.

Deep, dark and emotive this first Episodes release sets a high standard, but I’m sure its one that will be maintained with Ike Release at the helm.

Visit or call Gramaphone Records to hear this release today!
2843 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 472-3683

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