More out there sounds from Vakula on Leleka.

The Ukraine’s Vakula (Mikhaylo Vityk) is certainly making his name producing otherworldly house and techno and this 2nd release on his Leleka label does not stray from that formula.

First off beyond the sound it contains, the package certainly fits the dynamic beauty of the music. With a White/Black vinyl showing a hand stamped label on one side and a printed label on the other. Its a strikingly good looking slab.

Beyond looks, the music does not disappoint on this limited edition (only 500 will be made) EP. I’ve seen Vakula’s music described as “afro-cosmic-slavic-dub” and I can’t say it much better. There are parts of his music that sound like Bodycode, parts that sound like Mattew Dear and parts that sound like Echospace. Each track on this EP is different but full of an interesting, hypnotic beauty. Get it while they last as this is an amazing release for the DJ and listener alike.

Visit or call Gramaphone Records to hear this release today!
2843 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 472-3683


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