Andy Stott – Passed Me By / We Stay Together 2xCD – Modern Love

The most prominent shift over Andy Stott‘s most recent few releases for Modern Love is the deceleration of his rhythms.  From his 130bpm roots on his 2005 debut release for the label, he’s now wound down to well below 100 for much of this latest release. What that means is that where early on he was combining techno and electro styles with dubby melodies, he’s now more in the murky region of west coast hiphop but with the sound pallette of beatdown and Skulldisco dubstep.

At times, it sounds like his inspiration might just have been playing his earlier work at the wrong speed on the turntable, he’s incorporated a variety of jagged cut organic samples and off-beat loops that have shifted his sound out of the realm of straightforward 4/4 and into more tribal territories; if you can bridge the dissonance of the British artist’s use of a scarified African warrior on the cover art (a similar tact to T++’s album for Honest Jons) then at least thematically the pair of mini-albums cuts some new territory.

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