Howard Thomas – H-Fusion 12″ – FIT

Detroit’s FIT records drops another rawer-than-raw 12″, this time from relative newcomer Howard Thomas. With only a 12″ on Sound Signature before this, he comes with some Detroit pedigree, but enlists Marcellus Pittman to seal the deal on the A side.

For the sounds – it’s a bare drum machine loop and an atonal bassline facing off against loose keys with no real payoff moment on Wicked Bitch Witch. On the flip Morroco is a few tribal loops loosely tied together to form a 4/4 rhythm, and closing out the record is Eradicate Me, which adds a delay to the drum machine and a melody of frantic stabs playing against an equally erratic sub bass. Odd stuff, if fairly in line with the brutal bare aesthetic of recent Sound Signature and FIT releases.

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