Clark – Iradelphic LP / CD – WARP

Before writing this I’ve already had the chance to peek at a few others’ interpretations / critiques / reviews of Clark’s latest addition, and I have to admit that I’m mostly puzzled. There seems to be some consternation about his apparently recent turn away from IDM / breakbeat / purist electronics. I can only guess that some of these folks haven’t heard him since his 8-bit, chiptune leaning and DSP-laden debut in 2001, incidentally even before he abbreviated his nom-de-plume from Chris Clark, and of course over a decade ago. In case you missed it, look out for WARP’s forthcoming re-issue of that promising debut.

Since then, he has released four full lengths and at least as many “mini” albums, all on WARP, and each developing his sound either further into his own unique style, or exploring further into one direction or another, depending on how one’s interpretation. But if he abandoned hyperactive breaks and straightforwardly electrical sound-design, it was early on, and Iradelphic is just the latest iteration of his impressive explorations. Perhaps the main thing tying together his disparate works is his preference for heavy, knocking, thumping tones as propulsion, and his seemingly obsessive attention to detail; he is attentive not only in sound design but in song structure and in building cohesive sound across each release, in effect creating a new visual and aural constellation for each package.

In this latest effort, he marries the squeaky, warbling, reverberant modular tones of some of his earlier work or that of labelmates like Mark Bell and Tim Exile, to the ambiguously organic orchestrations of Red Snapper, Broadcast, or Mice Parade. It’s an ambitious balance, but it’s executed seamlessly and seemingly effortlessly, reinforcing Clark’s position as a vanguard (if unrecognized) auteur.

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