Tony Ollivierra – Eve Did The Smurf 12″ – Northside District

Detroit’s Tony Ollivierra maintains the pressure via his Northside District imprint, with a second 4 song solo 12″. He’s not at any loss for inspiration, while the label art for his Nangka EP was a crisp, functional exercise in mass transit and mass communication visual style, the graphics for Eve Did The Smurf start to blur the iconography with hand-drawn colour, smudges, and abstract squiggles.

The music does much the same – while Nangka had plenty of melody, this second outing seems to near the point of saturation: the larger-than-life blasts of melody and voice in the title track and Moon Over Miami both get into BPitch Control territory; the bleep-acid hybrid of Capraquarius 2 draw strains of Tricky Disco and Kink into the mix. While Ollivierra’s midwest roots might be a starting point, this outing shows as much bright energy and humour as Japanese Telecom or Nathan Fake.

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