Chicago Shags – Ponderosa 12″ – M>O>S

In what must be at least the third or fourth wave for Legowelt, he’s come back again with an insanely prolific couple years in 2011 and 2012. After his initial rush with Bunker in 2000 with Pimpshifter, a follow-up to a half-decade of buildup via CDRs and cassette releases, he re-emerged in 2002 with the runaway hit Disco Rout, signed to Ghostly and licensed to Cocoon.

Following up on his self-released outstanding quarduple-pack The Teac Life,  first as a free download on his website and then as a stunning vinyl edition, he’s gone on to release what seems like dozens of 12″s and remixes in past year. Here he teams up with Orgue Electronique’s Brian Schijf for a lush, ornate, melodic ode to synth-driven house music.
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