Obsolete Music Technology – Inflection Point 12″ – Dolly

The retro-not-retro stylings of Steven Tang as Obsolete Music Technology shine brilliantly on Steffi‘s Dolly imprint.

Expanding on his theme of melodic Detroit techno, here are four tracks of effervescent melodies anchored by hazy neon leads and buoyant chord washes; as always, everything is underpinned by raw drum machine patterns. With keyboards at times reminiscent of the melancholy house of Larry Heard, these songs are as nostalgic as Tang has released in some time. The 12″ is exemplary of his recent resurgence both on his own Emphasis imprint and his contributions on likeminded imprints. With tour dates taking him further and further afield from his current homebase in Chicago, his well-honed sound is becoming more recognized¬†and influential.
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