American Noise 12″ – L.I.E.S.

L.I.E.S.‘ unassuming catalog has been receiving a fair deal of attention in the press lately. Their releases, meanwhile, have been sticking to the program – centering largely around classic lo-fi house with sonic experimentation thrown in for good measure.

This 12″ is a teaser for their 2xCD compilation of the same name. The double-pack rounds up some favourite tracks from the two year history of the label, combined with some exclusive cuts drawn from the imprints usual stable of artists.

On the long side, Torn Hawk gets about as dark as they’ve ever been. This Is Crime & Lace is all gated noise and obscure vocal samples over a slow, sludgy beat; it sounds like as much of a throwback as their 12″ EP, but a lot less rosy. On the B side, Marcos Cabral keeps a similarly dour tone, but he does it via a growly monotone acid bass and drifting blue-grey drones washing through the background of a metronomic house track. Finally, the sounds open up with Delroy Edwards‘ exuberant “Feelings.” Frenetic and distorted like James T Cotton; it’s not as colourful as the title implies, but the uptempo number is full of bubbly energy.

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