12 Stepp Music 001 12″ – 12 Stepp Music

Greg K’s 12 Stepp Music launches with this compilation 12″, gathering three young Chicago producers in addition to Greg K‘s production debut.

Olin opens the EP with atmospheric acid house, gradually building layers throughout the length of the track. Garrett David follows that with “Simplicity,” a kind of theme song for the no-nonsense 12″. It has a cheeky big bounce and sunny chords. On the flip, Jorge Cerna contributes the aptly titled “Mist,” a murky, slowed-down groove, assuredly-backed with unfolding melodic counterpoints. Greg K closes out the release with a bleepy acid-house track with classically Chicago dry percussion, a beefy kick, and a quirky saxophone bit.

Overall,  it’s a self-assured and dancefloor-ready 12″ with drive and patience, definitely worth checking out, especially for fans of recent Chicago-oriented imprints like Argot and Machining Dreams.
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