Finale Underground Vol. 1 12″ – Finale Sessions

Luke Hess, Xdb, Steven Tang all on one record, things are bound to go deep. Each of the contributors is known, in his own way, as a heavy weight in the combined fields of dub techno, deep techno, and new Detroit.

Starting things off on the first of the A side tracks, Steven Tang contributes a chordy, driving tune. Xdb’s entry is slinky, sub-driven with squeaky leads and strings barely there overtop, and loads of space in between. A strange melody develops as it goes. Spaced out.

For the B side, Luke Hess’s Suplication is a little housier and more melodically developed than his usual fare, and it has the same no-nonsense mechanical drive that characterizes so much of his prolific catalog. Overall, strong if not stand-out work from these busy producers, and an excellent primer in the underground sound that’s moving parties around the world.

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