Gonjasufi – MU.ZZ.LE CD – WARP

The funk strikes slowly with the 1st track, setting the tone for the sultry vocals in Feedin’ Birds. A dubbed child’s yells juxtapose the eerie riff and mystical lyrics weaved throughout Gonjasufi‘s 2009 release of MU.ZZ.LE. The constant start/stop emphasizes the offbeat vibes that hit you right from the first note, all the way to the last. Downtempo and echoes lead in to a staticky yet seamless space machine fadeout in Venom, followed by wailing vocals, a floating melody, and strong synths in The Blame. The dubbed vocals repeat “Mount Zion”, lending Blaksuit a spiritual quality that is finally countered by the final, gut-wrenching fadeout. Like a sun sinking below the horizon, you don’t even notice it’s gone.

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