Steven Tang – Disconnect To Connect 2xLP – Smallville

Something of a second-breakout release for Chicago’s Steven Tang, following on his resurgent interest from his 2010 Verged Sessions 12″ on Aesthetic Audio.

But don’t call it a comeback – Tang has been exploring his machines via Emphasis Recordings since the late 1990s and the history behind his music shows through the breadth of reference points in this, his debut full-length album. For followers of Smallville, his deep, melodic house sound and Chicago roots will feel familiar. At the same time, he also brings a level of intricate, sometimes delicate contrapuntal composition that shows an influence from (or co-evolution with) the 313-via-UK axis of Peacefrog, Rising High, Likemind, and Soma – sounds that were also formative for current techno luminaries like Plaid, Planetary Assault Systems, and Surgeon.

Which makes sense – since Steven Tang overtly connects Detroit and Chicago aesthetics throughout his catalog. As much time as went into this album, the recording itself is sure to prove untethered from time.

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