K-Rad & Opcode66 – From Dark To Light 12″ – KNO

Longtime Chicago underground entity, now solo artist,¬†K-Rad has joined with apparent newcomer Opcode66 for a self-released dance 12″. Labelled only KNO001, the record is out in full midwest DIY style, and the grooves on it are straight-on house music.

From Dark To Light glides sleek synths accompanied by bitcrushed drums that sound a bit video-gamey; the overall effect is a pulsating neon glow over an energetic four-to-the-floor beat. On the flip, Dream About is chunkier, weighted by bassy toms and lumbering with start-stop changeups. While there are shimmering chords hovering above this one as well, the focus is much more on the beats – it’ll appeal to fans of FIT and Omar S.

Listen at GramaphoneRecords.com

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