Hessle Audio Review

Pearson Sound, Ben UFO, and Pangaea played through a borderline thunderstorm on Saturday night, drawing just the right amount of people to make heads turn. Despite the fact that they landed just four hours before their set, David Kennedy (aka Pearson Sound) and his crew were pushing the envelope in every way possible.

They mixed jungle and ambient, house and trap, melody and cosmic percussion, keeping people on their toes (and on the dance floor). They were clearly playing for the crowd, making sure to keep their heads bobbing even as Ben UFO stifled a yawn circa 3 AM. Jet lag’s a killer, and so was the end of their set. As the late-comers came from various venues around the city, Pangaea amped up the bass for that distinctive Chicago sound that people know and love. More people should know about this label, but maybe it’s just as well–the best comes to those who wait, and Hessle Audio is simmering just below the radar for those that are bold enough to venture into new musical territory. One thing’s for sure: the future holds big things for this British trio.

(review of Hessle Audio showcase at Smartbar Saturday September 28th 2013)

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