dcantu + JM De Frias – I Have No Eyes And I Must See 12″ – Sequencias

Nicholas D’Marc Cantu is a name I’ve known since the 2005 beginnings of 2AM/FM back in Ann Arbor, MI where he teamed up with Tadd Mullinix (James T Cotton, JTC, Dabrye, etc.) to make some brutal, noisy and punishing acid jams for Ghostly International. Since those days he has continued his evolution as an artist and has continued to make great music both on his own and with others. This EP on Sequencias is just a further example of both.

The first track on the EP, “The Lost Tribe”, is produced by Cantu alone and shows his roots and heritage on his sleeve. With a heavy lean towards the early Metroplex sound, as well as the dark synthesized funk of Drexciya, this is a paced up electro beat jam that could fit into any Techno, Booty, Ghettotech or even Juke (or should I say Jit) set.

On the reverse, De Frias takes over the helm for “The Light” where he brings the pace down but turns up the nasty dial. A highlight of this one is in its percussion with a nice blending of repeated snares and kicks that operate together with machine gun handclaps to create a house feel that is slightly off kilter but not quite a break. There is also a beauty to the repeated high line and how it fits together with the rounding low lines. This is a great track, my highlight off this EP for sure, with a dark beauty that would be the perfect soundtrack for exploring dim, cold planets for life.

For the last track on the EP Cantu and De Frias team-up for “The Last Night”. Now, had I not known anything and you played this for me I honestly would’ve thought it could have been something M83 made for L.I.E.S. Its just that melodic, dense and driving. Think M83’s “Couleurs” only faster and more underground sounding and you aren’t far away from this. Its a beautiful piece of punishing music that could close a 5 hour set in a room full of sweaty bodies better than any other track I could think of right now. Its not trance but its very melodic and lush, and its undeniably good.

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