Spirit Of The Black 808 – Guerrilla Shit 12″ – Synapsis

synapsis008This one from one of Chicago’s own relies heavily on its analogue sound and percussion.  Much like Hakim Murphy and Ike Release’s recent endeavors this EP reflects the return to machine driven house music. However, it is a slightly more straightforward take on the sound.Peppered with vocal samples from movies like Training Day, this EP has a defined tone of dark, fairly aggressive house music. With the opening cut “King Kong”, Spirit Of The Black 808 lays the foundation for sparse composition where every sound becomes important to keep the tracks from becoming monotonous. He accomplishes this with skill throughout the EP, but perhaps this shines best on the second track “Guerrilla Shit” where some jack style tom and snare work drives the track over a bubbly sub base workout where much of the track is devoid of a kick drum. On the long play side “4dabrothaswhoainthrere” he follows a bit more of an acid techno formula with an off kilter 303 blurping on off-beats very much like Joey Beltram’s 90’s work like “Believer”. However, in contrast this track is layered with bright and playful synths that keep it from being bogged down into a mechanical feel. This one is a great listen and will definitely get the trainspotters wondering and some bodies jacking too.Listen at GramaphoneRecords.com

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