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sft0371Theo Parrish studied music at the Kansas City Art Institute, motivating local artists to follow the beat of their own drummers. Huerco S. aka Brian Leeds of Kansas City cited Parrish as one of the influences behind his Colonial Patterns release. This conceptual project is an ode to the former Native American city of Cahokia, situated on Illinois territory across from the Mississippi River.

A sadcore snow day treat, the bare-bones sound may prevent cabin fever as you count the ceiling tiles in your bedroom. Hear the warm crackling of a radiator, feel the vent blowing hot air up your back, and taste the sweet dreams of a blank slate. Skip the chill pill and put on Colonial Patterns. Each track is slightly ambient and infused with irregular, layered percussion, droning bass, and synths simulating an underwater harmonica. When not mixed with other samples, this album may induce deep sleep. You’ve been warned.

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