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chrissymurderbotChrissy Murderbot (né Shively) released a Greatest Hits CD that’s not actually a compilation of hits. The title is a joke, and it puts cuts and scratches all over the pristine image of a faux-glam club scene. Murderbot’s got a way of remixing classics into a ghetto-house goo – you’re stuck with the buildup and snare crescendos you’ve been craving all this time.

Everything starts with a bang on “Get Wet Baby,” which later gets reworked in the DJ Fulltono remix on track 12. Tracks 1 through 5 are seductive, but track 6 is when things start getting really sexy. The prince of ghetto-house makes booty shake while it’s still sitting in a chair. Droning bass-lines curve and layer like the bodies in a dance floor club sandwich.

Things slow down in track 10 with soulful vocals in the housey remix of Cardopusher & Pacheko. Why can’t all music throw curveballs like this? Russia’s Pixelord accentuates Murderbot’s production skills, proving that it takes years of crate-digging to find the perfect combination of drum n’ bass. Who made those wookie-esque sounds? As listeners, we can only guess.

Greatest Hits gives a fresh glance at the footwork genre, molding it for MJ’s moonwalk proteges and break dancers alike. It’s a command to shake it out. Those seeking novelty will like what they hear, while those with an old-school taste will be just as pleased with their purchase. Murderbot has created a cohesive auditory canvas, making this album a must for any well-rounded music collection.

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