KiNK – Under Destruction 2×12″ – Macro

R531046313981947874351KiNK pulls no punches, and Macro embraces a challenge, so his debut full-length after 10 years of solo records promises to push the envelope. He doesn’t disappoint.

The album is an incandescent orchestra of noise, well in the tradition of Aphex Twin’s full-length release. Sometimes he wears this influence on his sleeve: see the reverberant resonating modal lead sound in Vodolaz, the hyperactive time-stretching in Povreda, or flash-back to his Aphex KiNK moniker from a few years ago. But even with fleeting homages sprinkled in his work, his voice is all his own, and he takes full advantage of the full-length format to flex his full range of wizardry. With only a few somewhat straight-ahead dancefloor stompers, these are varied, and often ambitious (even by his standards) in their incorporation of voice and rhythmic variety.

Fans of KiNK have a good idea the weirdness they’re in for, for everyone else this is a sprawling introduction to a Bulgarian master of the art.

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    • k. mogue
    • July 9th, 2014

    this is crazy

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