Chicago Skyway – EP Fall Down 12″ – Machining Dreams

mdreams014Sean Hernandez (aka Chicago Skyway) presents six tracks in gritty drum machine fashion on Hakim Murphy’s Machining Dreams.

EP Fall Down is stripped down in comparison to some of Hernandez’ more lush productions (Thunder EP and most of the Wreckage LP). Most of the tracks on this release feature chunky drums centered around quirky analog leads; the title track is a straight up barrage of claps and toms. “Mosquito” starts out with a sly bounce and is a little evocative of Armando Gallop’s version of Robert Armani’s “Ambulance.” “Praying Mantis” closes out the record with some nice depth from a subtle pad, juxtaposed by a square lead, rugged toms and crashing percussion.

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