Moiré – Shelter 2xLP – Werkdiscs

R598270214080314255874Here’s the debut album from the recently emergent producer of blurry, almost-house leftfield grooves, often with clonky bass and vaguely feminine vocal samples.

In this case, the full-length recording gives room to develop the sound in a variety of tempos, exploring the often murky territory between house, techno, and bass-music. Here and there are hints at Four Tet’s unabashed love of melody, in other spots emerge Actress’ use of gauzy tape treatments for lo-fi texture, it’s music that is in turns nostalgic and contemporary. Perhaps the most clear example of this future / past junction are the hip-house stylings of Bones collaboration Dali House, where a subtlely modern approach collides with a slinky bassline and rhythmic vocals.

For fans of Moiré’s outings thus far over his 2 years of recordings, this will be a welcome addition to his increasingly familiar style; for new listeners, it’s an uncomplicated point of entry to his hybrid style.

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