Vilod – Safe In Harbour 2xLP – Perlon

Ricardo Villalobos’ new minimalistically portmonteau’d collaboration with Sun Electric & NSI alum Max Loderbauer showcases the gentler side of each. It functions as a kind of austere take on free improvisation, sure to disappoint (though perhaps not surprise, by now) Villalobos’ techno fans. The tracks lack the dense orchestration & composition of Horror Inc’s Perlon full length. On the other hand, these selections also often eschew the enigmatic propulsiveness underlying Max & Ricardo’s vocal-heavy Turbo Semantic 12″.

Instead, these efforts seem to unfold gradually, tangling themselves around varied percussive grooves. Certainly neither as ambient nor atmospheric as Loderbauer’s Transparenz album, this threads the needle between abstraction and form, jazz and techno, in a way that could easily alienate or fascinate fans of either form.

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