Jeff Mills – Exhibitionist 2: Part 1 12″ – Axis

AX067Starting off with a sparkling arpeggio, rolling and fading off into infinity, Jeff Mills’ latest outing picks up roughly where his Exibitionist series started in 2004.

These are relatively lush productions, by Mills’ characteristically sparse standards; Optic is dense and has an 0ff-grid feeling with the drunken swoon of 16th note drums and stacatto synths overlapping, Spiralism has a melancholic melodic sensibility harkening back to his Every Dog Has It’s Day albums, and A-B is a jungle of sounds filling up the background while the kickdrum stakes out the fore. Worth checking out, and a bit less esoteric of an entry point for new listeners, this is still an EP very much retaining his signature throughout.

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