Spaces – Two 12″ – Bleep

CS59160601ABIGWARP sublabel Bleep has been pushing the kind of borderland electronic experimentalism that the main label used to be known for. Having recorded  almost exclusively for the single label thus far, Spaces’ sophomore title builds on the harsh, fibrous palette that he introduced on “One” Here it’s further contextualized with an apt contribution from Mark Fell.

The often super-dry sound design and splashy syncopation harkens back to SND at times, so it’s a nice fit for grid-but-not remix work closing out the record. What perhaps sets Spaces apart from label contemporaries like Oneohtrix Point Never, though, are the consciously vertiginous use of space and the compellingly grounded composition. Still, while the hyper-produced, meticiulously programmed sound hints of Objekt, it’s not nearly as overt in its dance music concessions.

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