JTC – JTC 2xLP – Bopside

BOP06Tadd Mullinix (a.k.a James T. Cotton) releases a 2-disc LP for his own label Bopside. The album is made up of mostly beat-y techno tracks, making this outing pretty clubby, though not over the top. The first 3 tracks are the most appealing to me. “Caskadia” starts things off with interesting textures and cold, almost crystalline synths, before diving into mellow, picturesque pads on “Atmospheres Pt. 2 (Strato Mix)”. B1 sports an acid line and should make for an effective mixing utensil. C2 also draws some attention with its aggressive, somewhat motor-like consistency.

The celestial, chilled-out vibes on A2 take the cake for me, but I appreciate the slightly jagged quality that makes up most of the others songs on this record. It’s worth a spin. DMX Krew also makes an appearance.

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