Sebastian Mullaert – The Dance Remixed 1 12″ – Kontra-Musik

km046Minilogue’s Sebastian Mullaert combines efforts with Kontra Musik boss Ulf Eriksson as The Dance, here they offer some reworks of their collaborations.

Joey Anderson’s blurry drunken style and tight New York minimal acid house rhythm take pole position.

Mullaert follows that up with a fine reduction under his Wa Wu We alias, this time based around an off-kilter oscillator that’s an almost universal signature of his work under this moniker. The beat is just barely there, the atmosphere is celestial and hypnotic.

Markus Suckut reworks Fusion with an incessant roiling techno entre; Wa Wu We closes out the record with another ambient techno trip-out.

Deep techno from some of the its busier proponents.

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