Differ-ent – It’s Good To Be Differ-Ent 3xLP – Don’t Be Afraid

DBALP002A skillful technician behind the turntables, DJ Bone’s productions continue to evolve and invent. In the last couple years on Semtek’s Don’t Be Afraid imprint he has been reimagining himself in as Differ-Ent. This project often has a more spartan, science-fiction outlook than some of the organic roots he established throughout many of his abundant earlier works, especially on his own Subject Detroit outlet.

Throughout the rhythmically adventurous album, there’s a shift towards an electroid feel: clear, icy drum machines; clinical, ominous melodies; dry, precise atmospheres. Maybe it’s just the Detroit aesthetic, but there are moments that remind me of Robert Hood’s work for Peacefrog. Elsewhere, Differ-ent ventures further afield – Fasten 8’s arpeggios and galloping rhythm aim for long nights, Drum Addict sounds like vintage DJ Bone: tumbling drums and a dominating chord progression. He experiments a bit more as the album winds down, with broken-beat and downtempo asides. It’s an impressive offering and a very worthy debut album, a testament to his two decades in the studio.

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