Caveman LSD – untitled 12″ – City-2 St Giga

C2SG002Caveman LSD’s untitled EP bursts open with a super-compressed take on the microhouse aesthetic, bubbling over with ramshackle percussion flowing atop a dubby bass groove. Second up is a ~75 bpm muffled techno song (think mid-era Andy Stott). On the other side there’s a grinding electro-noise track and a song that could be a strange ambient reprise of the A1, a similar sonic space but without the frenetic rhythmic energy of the opener. Of course, no track titles.

City-2 St. Giga is apparently an obscure Japanese label, the website doesn’t offer a lot more to go on at the moment. This is their second record, the first was earlier this year from Pavel Milyakov’s Buttechno project, an outlet which has been getting a lot of buzz on Soundcloud and in the rapidly expanding Russian leftfield house scene.

Caveman LSD, on the other hand, is an ex-Chicagoan with more than a couple aliases and an adventurous approach to music with a clear interest in the history of the sounds as well. Last summer he appeared at smartbar’s Queen event and was involved with a variety of underground parties around the city, both as a DJ and organizer, with ties into the art school crowd and the house music community. While this seems to be the first appearance under this guise, expect more releases in the near future (under one name or another…)

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