Jeff Mills – Lost In Space 12″ – Axis

AX075Adding yet another to his collection of releases, Jeff Mills continues on his quest of concocting sci-fi atmospheres. The record comprises 5 tracks. As usual, Mills welcomes a fair amount of dissonance, resulting in a cold, strange, yet comforting listen. The A-side features the delayed drums of “Reflectivity” and shimmering arpeggiations of “Planet X”.

I’m more partial to the B-side of the record. While Mills seems to be drawn to polyrhythms, “Exploding Stars embraces some particularly heady ones. Subtle sputtering percussion, and mechanical, almost dial tone-like sounds add interest. “Gliese 436b” also spends time exploring arpeggiated synth lines, and plays with some interesting ambient details, which at times sound like alien fauna. “Carbon 14 Plus” ushers us out with a relaxing, yet possibly anxiety-inducing, hypnosis.

The record makes for an imaginative and interesting listen.

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