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MD258LPbvdub is a fixture in ambient circles. Brock Van Wey has released over thirty albums, as well as contributing to the renowned Echospace imprint, Kompakt’s archetypal Pop Ambient series, and James Healy’s Air Texture series.

Today he finds himself on an almost hometown label in the n5MD imprint. His new full-length available on CD and 2xLP. It’s the billowing, placid atmosphere he’s known for, and additionally incorporates sung elements into many of the songs. Throughout, there’s a persistent, full-spectrum wash of reverberation, creating a dense bright fog through which wisps of vocals, piano, and basslines occasionally emerge.

Over on A Strangely Isolated Place there’s a remarkably in-depth interview where bvdub describes the thought process behind the name structure for this collection.

“So the album takes heartlessness as an overall concept, and tells the story of a specific time in recent years when I really was… heartless. For once I acted with no heart, no regret, and with a total disregard for another person’s feelings – basically the way most of the world seems to do just fine. But it didn’t do what I thought it would. I didn’t feel liberated… I felt like shit. But I wondered – and I still wonder – if it was actually “wrong.””

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