Welcome to Phonologue!

PhonologueHello readers, listeners and vinyl lovers!

Welcome to Phonologue, a blog about records brought to you by Chicago’s Gramaphone Records. On these electronic pages we hope to bring you information on some of the best releases that end up on the shelves. Our goal is not only to promote but also to inform. In each post we hope to give you not┬ájust descriptions of the music, but in-depth information on the artists, labels and everything that went into making that record special.

Headed up by Chicago based DJ/Producer m50 and myself, Phonologue will also feature posts from Gramaphone staff members as well as guest writers talking about their favorite records of the moment. With tons of records coming out every week, there is no shortage of wax to talk about.

We welcome your comments and suggestions, so bring them on. There will always be at least one post a day so keep checking back and don’t forget to tell your friends to check us out. We’ll see you digging in the bins!

– Scotty Brandon (aka The Cushion, Orso)

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